Warning about Fake Sites/Pages

In 2012 we were faced with a facebook page that pretended to be our campaign, adding it was the ‘Official’ Campaign.  As Baby Peggy does not have her own official site many people were easily confused and joined them.  These weirdos went as far as to photoshop the ‘application for her star’ being ‘submitted’…in person.  That would be extremely unusual, all applications are mailed.

But people fell for it and we were in the middle of our fundraiser.  If it isn’t here, its not OFFICIAL.  Our only social media is here.  Baby Peggy does not have a star and we do not represent her beyond having her permission to try and get her a star.  We are the only campaign to have this permission.  We do not own the rights to Baby Peggy/Diana Serra Cary’s image or work and anyone looking to obtain such rights must contact her directly, she is her own representative.  And as she is living her image or work may not be used without her rights (minus anything pre 1923 which is public domain.)

If its not here, its not official or real.

While Diana does not have an official site, she does have a rarely used official facebook page: Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary)  She also occasionally sends updates/messages through her documentary page