Stellar Wrap Article and Response

What a sad article.

Richard Stellar (article author), as did I, fought for the rights of the MPTF residents in 2010.  I’d been contacted last night that he was defending the Bob Beitcher origin story: Diana had refused a visit, she should let MPTF do the visit, and everyone was soooo wrong Beitcher was a great guy!

I do not wish to attack or say bad things about anyone personally.  Stellar has done great work in the past…its just a shame he had such a large platform (as did Beitcher) and he used it to discredit Diana and tsk tsk her fans.

Much like Beitcher’s many incorrect statements, Mr. Stellar has gotten several items wrong that I feel it is important to correct because this story will surely be shared around as a way to say ‘see she’s not that bad off’ and ‘oh those silly little people getting riled up at nothing!’

Like Beitcher his text in italic, mine in bold:

This was not about Baby Peggy, this was not about what the MPTF was trying to do for Baby Peggy, it was about what the MPTF wasn’t doing for her. Not unlike a concert rider for Justin Beiber, there was a level of arrogance in these pleas that demanded strict adherence. Much like the directive of “no green M&M’s,” a demand seemed to be made based on Baby Peggy’s status, and not on her need.

I personally do not vet every person’s wording or message, but I highly doubt that.  MPTF was contacted in September 2015 (there is paperwork to prove this) to request a home visit for Diana to assess her needs.  MPTF never got back to her.  November 24th the request was put out as Diana could no longer wait for care.

I don’t know how many 97 year olds Richard Stellar has personally known but they aren’t a sprite bunch.  Her only problem is getting around, she can not currently function without someone helping move her (bathroom, eating, getting around the house, etc).  No I am not a doctor, but that seems a legitimate concern of care, not ‘green m&ms’ diva behavior.

The urge came because Diana was told she was not in film long enough and didn’t have the (at the time not created) documents to prove her claims in film.  That’s why status was ever mentioned.  Sure MPTF doesn’t help the McDonald’s worker on Highland, but Diana does matter and being told she didn’t is why her status was mentioned.

The last message linked me to an update that included a response by Motion Picture Home CEO Bob Beitcher. According to Beitcher, the MPTF had attempted to send a social worker in to assess Cary’s situation. Instead of welcoming the first steps to admission (which I know all to well as my mother was cared for by the MPTF), a salvo of threats peppered this “update.” Threats of “POSSIBLE action” by alerting the press and “friends of two Board members” were waved in the face of Beitcher and the MPTF.

Yeah a key part left out here is Beitcher claimed in his mean girl email that Diana had refused a home visit…she did not.  She had requested one months ago and was ignored.  She was told someone would call on Monday 11/30/15 and they didn’t until about 3pm PST.  Today, 12/1/15 someone is supposed to conduct the home visit, and so far there is no report of it (so late in the day again I guess.)

Beitcher lied numerous times about what was offered to Diana and spread her personal information then claimed he couldn’t defend himself because he couldn’t ‘invade her privacy’.  We fans are VERY excited for the first step in admission and those ‘threats’ (they aren’t threats bro, they are promises) were saying the media would be further alerted if the promised action did not happen.

Beitcher’s response began by congratulating her advocates for the passion of their commitment, and then in a statement that to me is the hallmark of the Motion Picture Home, reiterated an important credo, that basically states that “star status” does not give you a golden ticket. What attracted my mother to the MPTF was the fact that grips and drivers got the same care as directors and actors. That attraction was not particular to mom — it was the foundation that we fought for that brought the fight for long-term care to the attention of the world.

Bro, I fought the same fight you did in 2010.  I know what the purpose of MPTF is apparently better than Beitcher (I’ll take my $770,000 now.)  I have numerous stories by people about how their lowly but film connected parents were made to go through the same ringer as Diana (being denied even an assessment) and without outrage nothing happened.  NOT WHAT MARY PICKFORD WOULD WANT.

I’m sure that didn’t go down well with Baby Peggy’s team. I was surprised that the conversation had even gotten this far without acknowledging that the MPTF had offered to send in a geriatric social worker to assess her situation, which “is the starting point for all intake into our social work / charitable assistance program.” The fact that Beitcher was reaching out to Baby Peggy’s advocates in such intricate and frank detail was a breath of fresh air, and stood in stark contrast to the transparency that was lacking in previous regimes.

This would be cute if it weren’t so mansplain-y.  Baby Peggy has no ‘team’.  Her representatives in general are herself and her son.  We represent the fight to get her a star.  Everyone else is simply a fan who cares a lot.  And Beitcher did not reach out to any of us directly at all.  He sent a mass email to anyone who shamed him and weeped all over it.  Neither Ron Hutchinson, nor I, have been contacted personally by Beitcher…and I’m pretty sure that was the ‘team’ referenced here.

In a Facebook group that I founded to address issues of the elderly, I asked that Ms. Cary allow a visit of the MPTF social worker(s) to assess her situation. I received a diatribe that accused me of calling Baby Peggy “a liar” and added, “It’s bad enough that she’s been denied a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame but now this?”

The Walk of Fame and healthcare are two separate issues (one is critical, the other is to honor.) I seen Stellar’s comments myself, he claimed she denied the home visit and thus deserved no treatment until that was done.  In doing so he is claiming she lied and he’s wrong.

Baby Peggy is deserving of the charity and empathy of the industry.

So you just write a long article in the industry’s main paper other than Variety to call her fans and well wishers, as well as herself a liar?  Super empathetic.

If the home visit is sincerely conducted, there is no fear as to her not qualifying.  If for some trivial reason she is denied care we will keep fighting.  I will write and fight every day I need to until I know she has the care she needs.

And gee one more MPTF defending pieces ending with a hand out.  In the meantime I urge you to help Baby Peggy.

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