Diana’s Statement On Her Treatment By MPTF

9(interviewed by Ron Hutchinson 11/28/2015)


“When I first contacted the MPTF more than six months ago, I never doubted it would help me. I myself stood beside Mary Pickford when the Fund was first established, then worked on its behalf helping the needy as a teenager during the worst days of the Great Depression.

At age 97, I remain in blessedly good health, but have become too frail to move around unattended. Thus my own 21st century quest for Fund support. I requested a sum above my University of California pension in order to obtain in-home, non-medical care.

For the next three months, the Fund made continual demands for documents from me to prove my need was genuine (at one point I was told to obtain Social Security records at my own expense, even though my career preceded its existence, and a simply Google search would verify it), then informed me “your income exceeds basic living expenses.” But since these living expenses are at a bare minimum already, I cannot afford in-home non-medical care without support.

I am now deeply stressed from worry and embarrassment, forced to seek loans piecemeal from sympathetic friends. Ironically, this is the very indignity that Mary Pickford herself founded the Fund to prevent.

My health has worsened in the past six months as a result of this ordeal. I can see now how easy it is to become homeless. At my age, this is a terrifying thought.”

Additional Comments By Us: Diana’s career as Baby Peggy ended by 1926 (Family Secret) and her entire film career including as an extra (minus interviews and documentaries) ended by 1938.  These things mostly predate modern social security.  Lantern, Kevin Brownlow, US, we can all verify who she is.  This is a woman who had her wealth taken from her before she had even hit puberty, and the MPTF wants PROOF of every little detail they can think of…while not acknowledging she is THE LAST SILENT FILM STAR.

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