12/1/15 Update: Good News


Update: The MPTF social worker is just now completing her visit with “Baby Peggy”. Diana’s son and a friend were present. We will now give CEO Bob Beitcher the professional courtesy of waiting until close of business Wednesday for a decision. Hopefully it will be to provide Diana full weekday in home social worker support. Anything less of course will necessitate escalating this case with the public and Board members. I sincerely hope that will not be necessary as it will then get very ugly and surely have broad impact on the Fund and Mr. Beitcher. That is not our goal, but if it’s necessary, so be it.

I agreed to withhold the now NINE major newspaper reporters’ green light (includes HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, NEW YORK TIMES, LA TIMES, NY POST, NJ ADVANCE PAPERS, VARIETY) as well as now strongly developed contacts directly with MPTF Board members (hint; one is a handsome actor), and organizing picketing and TV coverage.

All of this can be immediately avoided if CEO Beitcher makes the right, moral and ethical decision here. If not, it will get very interesting. Please think good thought for Diana.

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