MPTF snubbed Baby Peggy: Help Our Girl!



(I’ve updated this post to clean up quick spelling errors and add info, I’m very touched by how much tumblr and twitter have taken to getting the word out!  PLEASE do send in those emails in comments, we can not fail in showing our support for the last living silent film star and a stand up woman!)

UPDATE 12/1/15: Diana has been evaluated

URGENT Please help Baby Peggy!

MPTF Feels The Last Living Silent Film Star doesn’t deserve care from them!   Great Niece of Doug and Mary released this statement: “As a member of the Fairbanks & Pickford families, I urge you to support Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary). Being old should be an honored position, especially for one who spent their childhood entertaining millions. Join me in doing a Good Deed for Baby Peggy!”

UPDATED: Diana Has Released Her Own Statement


UPDATE: The Wrap Article and response

UPDATE: The Guardian Covers The Struggle


Baby Peggy (Diana Serra Cary), beloved star of silent films, received over a million fan letters for her 150 shorts and features. Her highly-praised autobiography, Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy?, spawned a feature-length documentary. Now 97 and healthy but alarmingly frail, she has attempted for months to find financial support for modest in-home, non-medical care from the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF), founded by her screen contemporaries Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin with one stated mission: “Taking Care of Our Own.”Instead of honoring this, MPTF management has refused Baby Peggy any support whatsoever, claiming her limited time in the motion picture industry and modest pension (which covers only bare living expenses) prevents this. In other words, her childhood should have been longer — and now she is effectively not poor enough.

Such shameful treatment of our oldest surviving silent star is particularly indefensible given the MPTF CEO, Bob Beitcher, reportedly earns over $700,000 per year, while his top ten employees take home a total of $4 million. This outrageous situation needs high visibility to hopefully change the MPTF’s mistreatment of a movie pioneer. I ask everyone to join forces and make the MPTF take immediate, compassionate action. Here’s how:

1) Email MPTF CEO and President Bob Beitcher at and tell him he needs to quickly reverse his organization’s appalling refusal to provide assistance to Ms. Cary, and fund her need for in-home, non-medical support. Copy your email to You can also contact Mr. Beitcher via his business lines (818) 876-4155 f: (818) 876-1371

2) Re-post this right now on your own page, and any others you feel are appropriate. We need to get the word out fast! Baby Peggy’s situation is urgent!

3) “Like” the MPTF’s Facebook Page then post a comment about its disgraceful refusal of support to Baby Peggy despite its mission statement to do so (fyi you may not need to ‘like’ to comment, I was able to).

4) (Added by me) Post this tumblr link or our site link ( and include @mptf (twitter and tumblr) #babypeggy #wetakecareofourown Try and get anyone and everyone to listen (but without spamming of course.)

5) Mail Diana a letter to tell her what she means to you

6) As of 12/1/15 the ways to help her financially: buy an autograph (we do not handle nor receive any of the funds from that) or buy a new copy of her autobiography Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy? (we do not work with this publisher no receive funds from it, though Diana does.)

(You can learn about the MPTF mission at and see how they are ignoring their own charter.)

Taking the above actions will cost you nothing, and will mean the world to a frantic senior citizen who spent her childhood making movies that have entertained the world ever since. Diana Serra Cary is aware of this post, and saddened it has come to this juncture. Ever since the MPTF’s founding, she had always assumed it would be there in time of need; after all, that was always its entire purpose.Please help spread the word and make the MPTF abide by its mission!

***Added by Me (I don’t want to take away from Ron’s great piece, he is a great guy!): I protested to Save Pickfair, and I wrote and fought against @mptf trying to kick out its last needy residents in 2010. They didn’t and well that was good.  But I’m disgusted we’re here again.  A woman who gave up her childhood (through no choice of her own) to film and now is the last living silent film star.  Did we learn nothing from Mickey Rooney?  A film worker from Marilyn Monroe’s days deserves as much respect and care as THE LAST LIVING SILENT FILM STAR EVER.  DO THEY NOT REALIZE WHEN SHE IS GONE WE’LL HAVE LOST OUR LAST LEAF TO THAT ERA?

I get very angry about healthcare in America in general, but to sit and tell a 97 year old woman who has been to hell and back that she isn’t poor or important enough to get care well…these guys better watch out.  Mary Pickford is probably so outraged she’ll go on a zombie rampage.  We have no respect or human decency anymore, its disgusting.

We’ve been trying to get Diana a star on the Walk of Fame (hence the name) since 2012.  I’d rather she never get a star and get decent healthcare and human dignity in whatever time she has left.  But most importantly I want her to know she is loved, appreciated, care for, admired and respected.  If you love film at all, you will raise almighty hell til we get our girl her rightful care!!!

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