Let’s Get That Star!

A really great interview with Diana was recently released.  The response as been tremendous and we’d like to take this time to try (once again) to get Diana her star!

We’ve seen comments that Diana deserves both a star and her hand prints at Chinese Grauman’s Theatre.  It should be explained that both things aren’t just given.  Both seem to focus on a really high fee (the star is $30,000) and choosing people they think will give good publicity.  The stars are also limited to 5 living people a year and one deceased.  Here’s their faqs for further info.

Where we stand: we have permission from Diana and we have applied every year since 2012.  We have not been accepted.

Neither place accepts things like petitions to make their decision.  The best chance we have is petitioning places like TCM to promise the publicity (perhaps during their film fest) and fee.  We can also not stress enough: please do not spam.

TCM’s contact page is here.

Phone: 404-885-5535

Twitter: @tcmPR @tcm @tcmfilmfest (#babypeggy #walkoffame)

Email: filmfestival@tcm.com

Address: TCM Viewer Relations 1050 Techwood Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30318

Our suggestion

Contact and suggest we’d really like to see sponsorship for a star for the last living silent film star Baby Peggy aka Diana Serra Cary.  We feel with TCM’s help (possibly doing a ceremony during TCM Film Fest) Diana would be a shoo in for a star.  And of course include why you think she deserves it and why TCM should help!


  • Paul says:

    Just FYI Lupita Tovar and Mary Carlisle are still living as well. They were also silent film stars.

  • star4babypeggy says:

    They weren’t silent stars, they are both talkie stars who had brief extra appearances in silent films (Carlisle was an extra in one silent, Tovar was an extra in two talkies that also were released as silents…she couldn’t speak much English then so she couldn’t have done much in 1929 in US film). Baby Peggy is the opposite: she was a silent star who had brief appearances in talkies.

    There’s probably a few more people alive who worked as extras in silent film, but no major players.