Fan Mail for Baby Peggy

At age of 5, Baby Peggy was receiving 5,000 pieces of fan mail a week.  While the numbers have dropped off, we’ve gotten quite a few queries about how to contact Diana.  We are working on getting an official list of places she approves of online and an email to send her fan letters.

At this time we do have an address and a procedure for autographs.

Diana will be happy to accept any fanmail, but we can not guarantee a reply.  Fan mail does not need to follow the photo procedures.


Diana Serra Cary

738 Fifth Avenue

Gustine, California, United States 95322

When we do have a fan mail email we will provide it here.  As of now we request all interview/contact requests be sent to that address as well.

For photographs, the policy has changed as of March 2016 to help ease Diana’s financial burden a little.  This is the flyer she has released.

Baby Peggy Limited Edition Photos Brochure 5_Page_1