Who We Are

Over the years many people have had the idea to get a star for Baby Peggy. In 2012 a group of silent film fans, researchers and institutions set out to make this idea a reality. The original conspirators are:

Hugh Munro Neely: documentary filmmaker, film historian, part of Timeline Films. Hugh has made many great documentaries in his career including The Woman With the Hungry Eyes (Theda Bara) and Clara Bow: Discovering the It Girl.

Andi Hicks: filmmaker, dancer, actress, former Pickford Film Librarian.  Andi has also made numerous documentaries including Captured on Film: The Life of Marion Davies and Complicated Women.

Hala Pickford: Film historian, writer, author of Forget the Talkies and founder of the only exclusive silent film publisher Theodosia Tramp Publishing and founder of The Rudolph Valentino Society.  In April 2012 she created, along with Allison Anders and Sal Gomez, The Save the Pickfair Studios Campaign

In addition to this trio, A Star for Baby Peggy Committee supported in our efforts by several film community luminaries. Below are our friends in this well deserved effort:


*Niles Film Museum

*Timeline Films

*The Rudolph Valentino Society