About Baby Peggy

“Who is Baby Peggy?”  The answer may shock you…with the buzz around the award winning silent based films “Hugo” and “The Artist” many modern film lovers don’t realize we still have a silent film star among us! And she wasn’t some bit player either, Baby Peggy was A STAR. By 1923 she was making $1.5 million a year (adjusted for inflation this would be roughly $15 million a year) and was one of the top stars at a time when Mary Pickford, Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin and Gloria Swanson were top draws at the box office.

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  • Linda L says:

    Lets give her her own star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. She deserves to be recognized before she passes on. This little girl has grown into a dear lady of 96 years old and must be recognized for the talent that entertained millions for 4 of her youngest years. She worked from 1920-1924. Her father put her to work at the age of 18 months old. Lets give her what is due her and do right by her. Her real name now is Diana Serra Cary.